About Us

Dickers Fertilisers are second generation to family who has been supplying fertiliser for over 25 years in large agricultural farming companies from crop growing to wineries. Our Fertilisers are Certified Organic and manufactured on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Dickers Premium Certified Organic Liquid & Dry Fertilisers, are made from fresh Australian bull kelp, collected from the pristine shores of King Island, & fish from the bass strait, so it’s as 100% ORGANIC!

We are also very excited about our very high quality range of Accessories we have to offer. We strongly believe when you buy a tool for the garden...buy one to last a lifetime.

Dickers Garden also has a Kids Corner.

We encourage our kids to get into gardening & to make them be aware of the environment, show the importance of growing your own food and the simple basics of gardening.

Educating Kids to see how important it is to be kind and aware of what goes into your garden soil and most of all their importance of the future and looking after their health and wellbeing.

Dickers Garden strongly believes that using organic fertilisers ensures earth-friendliness, improved health of the soil & plant and augmented economic prosperity of our community. We are committed to building a healthier environment for us all to live in and invite you to join us by using our Natural, Organic Fertilisers and Accessories.

We guarantee that our products are the best and give the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY