Dickers Organic Liquid Fertiliser

Dickers Organic Fertilisers are available online in 1, 5, 10 & 20 Litre containers.

If you would like 200 Litres to 1000 Litres please email lucy@dickersgarden.com.au


Dickers Organic Fertilisers


  • Perfect for ALL plants - crops to ornamentals,
  • Pasture to pot plants, natives to exotics
  • Suitable for ALL soils
  • Helps minimise carbon footprint
  • Will not leach from soil
  • Ideal for seed dressing with amazing results
  • Biologically activates soil microbes to release nutrients
  • Improves soil moisture, encourages worms
  • Dung beetle ‘friendly’
  • Helps reduce use of synthetic fertilisers