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The perfect ORGANIC Veggie GARDEN starter kit!

Best selling and value for money

All that you need, to start you perfectvertical garden, balcony, herb pots or a large veggie plot!  in any size from 1litre through to 20litres

1 litre pack includes- 1litre Fruit & veggie liquid fertiliser & 1 kg Soil Booster

5L pack includes - 5 litre Fruit & vegie liquid fertiliser & 4 kg Soil Booster

10L Pack includes - 10litre Fruit & Vegie liquid fertiliser & 8kg Soil Booster

20L Pack includes - 20litre Fruit & Vegie liquid fertiliser & 20kg Soil Booster


Included in this pack is:

1. Dickers Fish & Seaweed - Organic Fruit & Vegie Booster


Builds plant resistance to disease

  • Promotes healthy growth

  • Reduce transplant shock

  • 19% natural organic carbon

  • Over 60 naturally occuring vitamins, minerals, alginates, plant growth hormones, and proteins

  • Accelerate seed germination

  • Use as a seed dressing


2. Dickers Soil Conditioner - Organic Garden Booster

  • 100% Tasmanian BULL Kelp, from the pristine waters of Bass Strait.

  • Soil Booster will stimulate activity in the soil to encourage microbial and earthworm activity,to help promote strong root growth for healthier & bigger plants, flowers, vegies, lawns etc.

  • Dickers Organic Soil Conditioner grows in some of the cleanest seawater in the world and is naturally low in heavy metals. The Kelp is sustainably harvested under licence, from the beach, were it is naturally washed up following storms.

  • The kelp is dried and milled to produce either granules or meal. It contains no additives or preservatives and does not undergo any further processing.

  • Granules are usually applied to the soil and meal is used as a nutritional supplement for stock.

  • Natural Water Crystal

  • When applied to the soil, the kelp rehydrates, swelling significantly to typically five times in size.

  • Wet kelp will start to decompose through microbial action, releasing nutrients and plant growth regulators.

  • The mineral elements in granules provide direct fertiliser benefits to the plant. The protein and carbohydrates are important bio-stimulants for the soil microbes as well as providing indirect nutritional value to the plants.


Available in 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L
Larger orders 200L and 1000L please contact



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